Monday, May 4, 2015

Swedish monument in Poltava has been maimed again and finally lost all iron chains.

May 4, 2015 Unfortunately the monument to fallen soldiers of Charles XII erected by their compatriots close to Poltava battle field in 1909 had been indiscriminately plundered by ferrous metal hunters, with consequent severe damage to the cultural image of Poltava. For the first time it was maimed in 2013 and this year it happened again.

Yesterday while visiting the village of Pobyvanka located close to the Swedish monument I took a few pictures showing to the readers of my blogg how this long-suffering memorial stone looks now. It is obvious that this monument which age exceeds 100 years has to be properly watched, otherwise it will disappear some day. 

Only after that there is a sense to start its repair. Moreover, here in Poltava many hold that there is no sense to replace a stolen iron chains with a new ones under the current economic situation that caused the disastrous decline in living standards. Probably it is worthy to think about replacing an iron chains with made of hard plastic ones. Poltava battle museum employees have succeeded in repairing of two pillars broken by vandals but of cause it could hardly be regarded as the problem solution.

Those who are interested in the history of this unique monument created in Sweden and delivered to Poltava in 1909 due to financial support of Emanuel Nobel are welcome to visit my site:


Anonymous said...

Nothing to worry about. It says something about the metal prices and the hardship the country is enduring.
Compare it to the theft of copper in Sweden, from railways and churches(!)
I would be more concerned if they started destroying the stones, then there is something deeper going on.