Friday, March 19, 2010

Ukraine president is purging Navy of disloyal commanders

KIEV, March 18 (Itar-Tass) -- Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich signed a decree dismissing Admiral Igor Tenyukh from the post of Navy commander, the presidential press service reported on Thursday.

KIEV (RIA Novosti) President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych sacked from his post as commander of Naval Forces of Ukraine (Naval Forces of Ukraine), Igor Tenyukh, who was the initiator of the information war against Russia’s naval bases in Crimea. Presidential Decree published on the site head of Ukrainian state. Tenyukh sent to the Minister of Defense. Admiral Tenyukh, appointed commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine in 2006, was the initiator and one of the ideologists of the information war against the Russian Black Sea Fleet (BSF) in the Crimea. He ordered Ukrainian warships tried to close the entrance to the bay of Sevastopol Russia’s warships in August 2008, when Georgia has committed aggression against South Ossetia. Black Sea Fleet took part then in operation to force Georgia to peace.

KIEV, March 18 (Itar-Tass) - Ukrainian Defense Minister Mikhail Yezhel introduced the new Commander of the Ukrainian Navy, Vice-Admiral Viktor Maksimov, to senior staff of the Ukrainian national fleet on Thursday. Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich, who met the defense minister and the newly appointed Navy commander on Wednesday, specified the tasks set forth to the new Navy commander and Ukrainian Navy in general, the defense minister said.
Viktor Maksimov, who prior to his appointment to the post of Navy commander had been deputy Navy commander for six years, is known in the Ukrainian Navy as a man who contributed a great deal to strengthening of the naval forces, Yezhel said. The defense minister expressed confidence that Viktor Maksimov would do everything possible to enable the Ukrainian Navy occupy a worthy place both in the Ukrainian armed forces and among the world fleets.