Wednesday, December 16, 2009

History of Mazepa’s time. The Tempora Publishing House produces a unique two-volume edition

Nearly all outstanding historical figures, and Ukraine is no exception here, have one feature in common. People may curse or adore them, sincere honor or hate them, but they are never treated with cold indifference. The example of Ivan Mazepa or the perception of his deeds, ideas and life, to be more precise, is vivid proof of this regularity. No one feels indifferent towards him. For this reason, hardly anyone will be indifferent to the new splendid gift prepared for all admirers of Ukrainian history and culture by the Kyiv-based Tempora Publishing House, which has released the two-volume edition entitled Hetman (Vol.1 – Shliakhy; The Roads, Vol.2 Osmyslennia; Interpretation). This is a real encyclopedia of Mazepa studies, the first one of its kind in present-day Ukraine.